Blogging as a Classroom Tool.

Thanks to those who gave feedback to my last post.  There were some great points made that have sparked much thought.  I was also glad to hear that others had similar views as they got starting with blogging, searching for useful blogs, and reading blogs. 

 I’ve read a bit of discussion about using blogs to publish and share written works in an English class.  Do you have good examples of using a blog as a classroom tool?  What benefits do you find this provides to learning, and/or teaching?


2 Responses

  1. I just started a blog for my new unit in my grade 8 math class. Here is the link.

    This is my classroom blog. I’ve been using it for a year. The students each have their own page under Haultain Grade 6 & 7 on the right side. We do a lot of writing and reading of blogs. We have several collaborative partners who comment back to us and we them. I also have other blogs linked on my blog page.

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