‘Blogging of Thoughts in Progress… Animoto, Voicethread.

I have some reservations, or at least hesitations towards ‘blogging about thoughts that are still in progress – things that I am still discovering, or learning.  Often I feel that if I don’t have a well developed thought, or if I don’t have a great success story to share, then I don’t feel comfortable posting.  The truth is that learning is an on-going process.  It may have a starting point, but does it ever really have an end?  I think, often not. 

Alec mentioned that reflecting on things that haven’t worked so well is just as important as reflecting on successes.  Both are meaningful learning opportunities.  I believe this must also be true then of learning that is still in process.

Several times a week for the last couple of months, I’ve been introduced to new and fascinating technologies and web technologies that I can foresee having great impact for classroom/teaching use.  Often I think I shouldn’t ‘blog about my learning until I’ve implemented great practical uses of the technology.  However, recently I’ve begun to realize that this is not the best use of a network of very enlightened educational technologists.  

 Recently I was introduced to Animoto – thanks to a post from Dean Miezianko who created a short video clip about the Roman Empire using Animoto.  Animoto is a great web resource that will help you create very exciting short video clips from a collection of photos.  Animoto is quick, and yet creates some very ‘cool’ video effects. This could be a quick way to spice up just about any unit or topic that you could find pictures of. 

Tonight (thanks to Alec) I had a great introduction to Voicethread.  I’ve been hearing much about Voicethread, but have not seen a great example of it’s potential until I viewed Alec’s Voicethread about the power of networking.  I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of quality, and interesting feedback that was accumulated here is such a short time.  After listening to many of the comments to this thread, I viewed the ‘tutorial’ on the Voicethread site.  I was immediately impressed with the potential of this technology.  I quickly signed up, and was able to record a comment in less than 5 minutes.  This may be the best way for me to display students’ artwork on my weblog.  What great potential for interesting, and quality feedback.


3 Responses

  1. Great to see you are excited by Voicethread (and other tools). The tools are great, but the network makes or breaks almost all of them. I like the idea you have about talking about reacting to art via Voicethread. It would be a really good way of doing it. The only problem, as I see it, students would all need VT accounts. Not a huge issue, but it can be in some places and for some people.

    Continued luck in the journey.

  2. I’ve got a few students working on Voicethread and they like it. Good luck with your project.

  3. I am collecting examples of how educators are using Voicethread in their classroom or for professional development on a wiki at: http://voicethread4education.wikispaces.com/

    My plan is to share these examples with other technology teachers who provide professional development in their schools.

    Feel free to add your own examples or links to resources. Thanks in advance,

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