Published Student Works On-line

I have recently developed the philosophy that student works should be shared with the world.  It is one thing for a student to create something for the very small audience that exists in a classroom.  It is something entirely different when student works are published on-line and made available for an entire world to view.  Usually a student submits an assignment to a teacher who is far too busy, in hopes of receiving some quality feedback.  Often the student receives very little feedback, if any at all.  In some of the best scenarios, student works are displayed in the school on bulletin boards, or in hall-ways.

Usher Artwork at

An essential part of the learning process is for students to receive quality feedback on their work.  I am hoping that by displaying student works on-line, this can be achieved.  I have published student works at, which offers a new communication technology that has excited educators around the world.  Please take some time to follow the link above to view some of Usher’s fine artwork.  Please leave comments, it’s easy.  It takes just a moment to sign up.  Once registered, you can quickly leave text, voice, or video comments. 

An explanation of Voicethread is available here:

I have been wrestling with the issue of public versus private publishing for some time.  Voicethread offers an educational service (as does WordPress) that allows you to publish publicaly to the world.  The Ed.Voicethread service, however, limits feedback, as students can only view feedback from recognized members of the Ed.Voicethread community.  This is limited to other students and teachers.  What I don’t like about this is that it eliminates parents/guardians/siblings/etc. from the feedback community.  Because of this, I’ve decided to publish my Voicethread through their main (public) service, and not their education service.  This way, I can send the link to parents, and hope to recieve feedback in this way.  More information on Ed.Voicethread can be found here: 

I have sent the link (Usher Artwork at to a list of parents, to all other teachers at the school, and have taken other classes of students to the site (and posted it here on this blog) in hopes of compiling some feed-back for my students.  I guess I’ll see how it goes…


3 Responses

  1. Ryan,

    Great way to get the audience in the art classroom that is often talked about in blogging.

    It sounds like the students took more care to produce quality art work knowing that their would be a global audience.

  2. Excellent application of a digital tool to display student work and receive feedback. I liked your comments, especially since you obviously took the time not only to praise their efforts, but to give some honest criticisms as well.

  3. Very cool use of voicethread. I really like their work and commented on a couple pieces. How have your students responded by having their work displayed this way?

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