First Experiences with Second Life

If you haven’t read Connie’s post about her experience with Second Life yet, you should, as she has written a rather thought-provoking criticism.  (Connie, you are much too apologetic of your opinions, as you have raised some very valid concerns.) My experience with Second Life began last semester.  I came across the technology while doing some research for my last class (EC&I 833).  I’ve read quite a bit, and watched many video tutorials and promotional clips.  I ended up writing a paper about the potential that virtual worlds like Second Life pose to revolutionizing education.

On Tuesday, I had several interesting experiences in Second Life.  In the morning I called our board help desk to have Second Life installed on my board-supplied laptop.  I was expecting to have it installed quickly and then to be on my own to explore the SL world.  I was rather fortunate to reach Paul Cutting, who is magnificent.  Paul not only helped me to install the software remotely, but met me in Second Life to show me around.  He got me up to speed on adding contacts, teleporting, and many other essential functions while taking me on a tour of the Regina Public Schools buildings in the adult world.  I spent much of the day exploring, customizing my avatar, and generally becoming familiar with the program.

Initially I’d have to say that I was disappointed.  Compared with what I’ve read and what I’ve watched, my initial experience was quite a letdown.  I was holding the technology of virtual reality up with very high regard.  I was expecting it to be revolutionary.  Although I’m quite certain that it poses much potential to revolutionize education, it is not there yet.


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