A Shining Example of What a PLC Could Be

After taking the Easter week to spend with my family and focus on some other work, I had fallen seriously behind on reading what my classmates have been up to over the past week or two.  A sense of panic began to set in, as my Ed Tec folder in my Google Reader was reporting over a hundred new posts.  I’m a slow, meticulous reader without many skimming skills – and the task of keeping up was becoming very frightening.  But, I’ve put in the reading time (in place of sleeping) and I’m glad I’ve done so. 

 Keeping up with the posts of the other members of EC & I 831 is for me one of the most beneficial parts of the course.  One of the themes that’s been raised by many of our guest speakers has been ‘the power of the network’.   I get a lot out of reading about what is happening within the network of this course.  I won’t single anybody out, yet there have been some very interesting posts recently.  I found particular value reading updates of other’s projects.  There are some very exciting applications of new technologies happening.  Many have posted some very engaging philosophical debates.  I certainly hope that many of us continue to post to our blogs after the course.  There is great value in this network.  In many ways it is a shining example of what a PLC could be.   


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  1. I have really enjoyed reading other classmates’ posts too. It has been invaluable to my learning experience and will keep everyone on my Reader in hopes that people continue to post to their blogs. I know I am going to make it a goal for myself to keep blogging.

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