Chris Lehmann of the Science Leadership Academy

I was very impressed with Tuesday’s presentation by Chris Lehmann of the Science Leadership Academy.  It was great to hear firsthand from someone leading such a technologically advanced school.  I’ve read and heard much lately about the difficulties that many (perhaps most) school systems are having in terms of keeping up with technological changes.  It was good to see an example of a school that seems to be ‘ahead of the game’. 

I found that a couple of great conversations were sparked by Chris’s presentation.  I enjoyed hearing Chris defend his stance against data-driven decisions towards the continuing development of the SLA.   I believe I share similar opinions in that I also believe data can be interpreted in many ways to say many things.  I think this is particularly true when the methods of collecting data are also questionable.

I also found great value in the discussion of the 1:1 situation.  The SLA has one laptop for every student.  What a dream scenario.  It seems to work well in that situation.  Unfortunately, I doubt that is a likely solution in many other situations.  Financially alone, it seems a highly unlikely solution.  In the system in which I work, we would have to freeze our technology budget for a couple of years just to achieve a 1:1 ratio at one of our 10 high schools.  Although I’m quite certain that there are several ways to creatively work a budget to make this happen, it would have to be a top priority. 


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