Summary of Major Digital Project

This video was put together as a summary and reflection on the work that has been so far towards my major digital project for EC&I 831.

For this major project, I created what could best be described as my teaching web space.  The central part of my teaching web space is my wordpress blog.

 1)  This digital project was created with a couple of objectives in mind.  The first objective was this web-space would act as a global bulletin board – or digital chalkboard for students to keep track of assignments, due dates, expectations, and other details pertaining to the class.  A majority of my students were not using agendas or anything else in order to keep track of this information.

 2)  The web-space also acts a storage space for files, and documents.  This ‘Digital’ Chalkboard is now clickable, and students can open and save files, view and print documents.  Any time, Anywhere they have access.

 3)  A third objective is to communicate information to parents.  To create an open-ness or transparency to my classroom and allow and help parents and Guardians to be aware what is happening in my courses.

 4)  Another objective is to publish student works on-line to a global community in order to allow students to receive a greater audience, and a larger amount of feedback.

 I feel as though I have achieved some significant levels of success for each of these objectives.

 A large amount of information, updated, documents and course content, is available in a very organized structure on-line.  And it’s being used.  The statistics for views of this web-space are quite encouraging.

Information is there for parents, and those who choose to view it have left encouraging comments.  Occasional updates have been sent to parents by an e-mail distribution list.

The students my classes have received greater amounts of feedback from larger audience online.

I too have received some really great feedback from parents, from administration and from my superintendent.

Update:  Today my Visual Art 20/30 students added their Voicethread projects to my Wikispace.


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