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EC&I Wrap-up Reflections

My experiences throughout this course have been extremely valuable.  I’ve found this class to be truly excellent; this is the definition of professional development.

What I’ve accomplished in this course epitomizes the reasons for which I began to take on the challenge to study for my Masters degree.  This class has been the spark that I needed.  In the last couple of years working with Ed. Tech, I’ve had grand ideas, but have been so focused on repairing computers and network cabling, that these ideas were seldom implemented.  This class has prompted me to take a lot of great ideas and theory of educational technology and put them into use in my own teaching practice. 

This class has really pushed me forward and has really challenged my tech. abilities and my openness to new educational philosophies.  Before this course began I was not completely comfortable with creating a sense of openness to my classroom.  I wasn’t completely confident that what I was doing was worthy of sharing.  I had different views (far more pessimistic views) on the value and power of blogging than I do today.  Although I’m not certain that I will continue to blog as often, I will continue my classroom blog.  I’ve witnessed so many great examples of student blogging, that I believe this will be my next step in this journey. 

I am truly grateful for the work that has been done by everybody that is involved in this course.  Your contributions have challenged me, and you have truly shaped my continued learning.  For this I am very thankful.

May your Gods bless you in your future endeavors… and long live the power of your network!

Thank you,

Ryan Flood



2 Responses

  1. You said, ” In the last couple of years working with Ed. Tech, I’ve had grand ideas, but have been so focused on repairing computers and network cabling, that these ideas were seldom implemented.” Wow, I hear you. That and all the theory! Great to learn some practical stuff, and so much to reflect upon.
    Take care!

  2. You’ve done some great work. I’m sure that students will benefit from your knowledge. Good luck in the future.

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