It’s a Love/Hate Thing…

There are times when I delve heavily into technology and times when I keep my distance.  I love technology.  I hate technology.   I think that perhaps it has always been this way.

Internet technology is quickly evolving and becoming more powerful.  It’s exponential development.  I think that just as exponentially as the power of technology is increasing, so too is my love for it and its potential.  Unfortunately, so too is my hatred of it.  I suppose that I’ve always felt that as technology evolved, it would eventually make things easier; the frustrations that I experience with technology would lessen.   However, as technology grows and develops, the opposite seems to be happening.  I use technology virtually all day, every day.  Although there are numerous and enormous benefits provided by the technology I use, it seems to be a constant stream of frustrations as well.  I am constantly aware of a pressure to keep current in an environment that is a constant torrent (pun intended) of revolutionary tools, widgets, gadgets, and applications.  At times, I even find myself admiring the few people I know that have managed to avoid today’s Internet and personal computer technologies altogether.

I think that I loved technology the most when I was a single young man with much less responsibility.  Keeping current with technology takes an immense amount of ‘play time’, and in those days, I had a lot of time to play with emerging technologies.  Now, I am older.  I have a very full life.  There are things in my life now that are far more important than ‘playing’ with technology.  I am a teacher.  I am a husband.  I am a father.  There is nothing more valuable and important in life than family and the time I spend with them.  This just makes keeping current with technology even more frustrating.   Of course, I’m not so sure that I would be able to live without many of the advantages that come with the technologies that consume me.  And so it will continue: my love/hate relationship with technology.


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  1. Oh Ryan, I so understand your love/hate relationship with technology. It makes one wonder how can something so useful and a time saver cause so much grief and be a time consumer?! Of course I say this as I mutli-task reading blog posts and learning theories on my laptop as I also help my son on the computer with his technology troubles.

    I really think you hit the key point when you mention the “immense amount of play time” required to invest properly in staying up to date with technology. With all the responsibilities we have, whether they are professional or personal, there just isn’t enough time to stay current. But we persevere and we do the best we can to keep up. Likely the love of technology that enables us to try and stay with it.

    Great post! Now back to my other task – technology issues never wait!

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