Classroom Uses of Technology, Classified

Today, on his blog Remote Access, renowned edu-blogger Clarence Fisher has added a great post titled 9 Spaces for Technology in Classrooms.  In this post, he categorizes the possibilities of using technology in classrooms, coming up with nine different spaces of technology use in classrooms.  (See his post for description of each category).

The nine are:
– Collaboration
– Content Creation
– Research / Content Use
– Communication
– Data Collection
– Simulation
– Skill
– Tool Use
– Design / Engineering

I’ve think Clarence has categorized classroom use of technology quite concisely. This is a great list for those wishing to improve their implementation of technology within their pedagogical practice.  [Examine where you see yourself in terms of implementing technology in the classroom here: LoTi Digital-Age Framework.]
When I reflect back a couple of years, when I was teaching in a computer lab, I think that I had experienced each of the categories that he’s described.  I completely agree that there is often over-lap, and that one area often leads naturally into others.  I can think of times when my students would be working under a few of these categories at the same time. The list seems to cover the variety of uses of technology quite well, and I’m not sure if there is anything missing. If there is anything that could be added, perhaps it is an area or space in which we allow students to ‘play’ or explore the value of technological tools. This could be a space in which students themselves discover the application of such tools, and would likely then lead them into one or more of the other spaces.

Anyway, this is a great list.  It should spark some valuable discussion.  Pass it on – or join the discussion.


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