Photo Sharing with Visions and 23

In my last post, I’ve described my liking of the Visions 3-D Image Management System and its excellent features for displaying batches of photos.  The program also has great editing features as well as image creation features that allow you to create holiday cards, greetings, calenders and a variety of other neat creations.

click for larger image

click for larger image

However, it is Visions’ photo sharing feature that makes this a Web 2.0 tool for the read/write/share generation.  Visions is associated with social photo sharing web-sites Flickr and 23.  The Visions application lets you upload batches of images from your visual galleries to your on-line account with a photo sharing site.

click for larger imageHere is a screen shot of Visions uploading images to share on 23.  The next image shows the resulting 12 images uploaded to my 23 account, and now published for anyone to see [in just one click – pretty slick!].  Although Flickr is obviously the most popular photo sharing site on-line [Flickr has thousands of images uploaded every minute], I chose to use 23 as it does not require you to create a Yahoo account.  Here is a quote from the ‘About 23‘ page: “A community should be open to users of all photo sharing services and not force one to use one in particular to participate.”

My avatar in Second Life

Click the image to view images of my avatar, Rasta Telling, in a few interesting places in Second Life.

Now that I’ve created an account on 23, I’ve begun to think about educational advantages for using photo sharing web-sites.  Flickr, 23, photobucket, or many other photo sharing sites could be used by teachers or students to share galleries of images.  Perhaps my art students could use 23 to create digital portfolios of their created artworks.  I’ve liked the idea of one photo every day for quite some time.  This would be a good way for students to develop their visual skills, and their ‘camera eye’.  23 might be a good place for such projects.  Ideally, I’d like to have students share one photo every day, as well as an image of one creation every day [sketch, painting, sculpture, poem, collage, anything creative].


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