Building in Second Life

I’ve been attempting to build in Second Life.  Building is a bit tricky and it’s been a bit of a challenge,  but thanks to my SL cousin TinMan Telling, I’ve been pointed in the right direction.   The image above is my avatar, Rasta Telling, looking at an aisle and canvas that he (I) built.  I suppose I built it, using him.  Weird.  Anyway, I have build something, with some success, although if you look closely, it is certainly not perfect.

TinMan has given me some good advice.   He pointed out that the best way to learn to build is to search for building tutorials on YouTube.  He also noted that in order to build, I need to find a sandbox [those are building places for beginning builders in Second Life].  So I found the sandbox for our EC&I class, and I followed a couple of tutorials.  It was rather cumbersome at first.  A few more tips from Trevor at work, and I found it was getting a bit better.  We met with our laptops at work, and also met in Second Life.  It was handy to have someone right there with you to show you some tricks.  Building is all about camera angles, and Trevor showed me the keyboard short-cuts for the most important camera functions.  Another problem that I was having, and didn’t even think of, was that I was running Second Life over a wireless internet signal.  Once I plugged in, I figured out quite quickly that SL runs much more smoothly with a wired connection.  It is not as choppy, and there is less lag, which is important when you are trying to build and are constantly changing camera angles.


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