Van Gogh’s Arles in Second Life

After searching for a bit, I have found the 19th century Arles, France in Second Life.  This was one of the places where Vincent Van Gogh lived and painted.  The SL replicated town has several paintings of Van Gogh recreated in 3-dimensions through which you can walk and explore.

A possible project came to mind while I was exploring this place.  I’ve thought about having students visit this place, with the task of taking photos [screen captures] with their avatar in several of the replicated paintings [like mine above].  Students would then need to blog about these paintings.  Their blog posts would need to include an image from second life, an image of the real life painting[found online], and a brief researched write-up about the painting and its background information.  This would be a way for students to deepen their knowledge about one of the master painters and at the same time, interact with their findings in a virtual environment.  This would be a great supplement project to viewing videos about Vincent Van Gogh [like the one playing at the IMAX right now], and also attempting to create their own Impressionist works.


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