Welcome to my weblog, and thanks for visiting. This weblog was primarily created as a place to reflect upon, discuss and document my experiences throughout my studies as a graduate student in Education.  It is intended to be a central communication tool between myself and others interested in the ideas of sustainability, well-being, hope and change, educational technologies, communities of artists, and the connections of these ideas to pedagogy.

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A recent biography, which was created as an introduction for my most recent course – E.C. & I 832,  is available [Biography – Ryan Flood – 2010] for anyone that is interested.

This blog space first came to life in 2008 and was called my Ed. Tech Weblog.  Originally this space was created and used to blog and reflect about experiences that I have lived through my graduate studies in education technology.  More specifically, the blog was created as part of my involvement with a network of educators that were studying together in E.C. & I. 831 with Dr. Alec Couros.

After a brief hiatus, I returned to this web space and to the world of blogging with a new focus in 2009 as I reflected on idea that were presented through a graduate course in Education from Dr. Garth Pickard entitled Sustaining Wellbeing through H.O.P.E. I found the process of blogging to be very helpful in organizing my thoughts, developing my thinking and writing through reflection, and I enjoyed several discussions posed through responses to my blog posts.  I am currently using this blog as a reflection space for my exploration of a variety of areas related to pedagogy.  See the first post of 2010 for more information about this current path.


3 Responses

  1. Great Blog! Really enjoyed some of the comments, just dropped by to say hello, look forward to joining in the discussion later.

  2. Great Blog Ryan, thanks for the link. I especially enjoyed the students art work. You are inspiring change. Keep up the good work.

  3. HOPE is now a part of my vocabulary thanks to you!

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