Sustainability and Well-being…hmmm…

Somewhere along my journey, although from where I can’t remember, I’ve managed to hear the following words of wisdom.  “Although it may often appear otherwise, rest peacefully knowing that everything is working out exactly as it was meant to be.”  Of course, I have paraphrased here, from my memory, but the point is clear.   Every so often things happen seemingly by chance that later appear to have been destined to occur.

As I reflect on the path that has led me to my current study, I get similar feelings of destiny.  How did I come to be a graduate student of educational reform?  How did I become interested in concepts of Sustainability, Well-being, and Hope?  As I reflect on my choices, I get a feeling that there are greater forces at work; that stars are aligning;  and that all things are coming to a point.

I’ve spent great amounts of time and energy over the last year or so contemplating on how I will complete my studies as a graduate student in education curriculum and instruction.  I’ve had to consider my intentions and underlying reasons to complete a Master’s degree all-together.  In the process, I’ve moved away from my original plan to complete a thesis and instead, have been considering project options.  These changes led me to seek out course offerings for this fall semester.  When I came across a course entitled Sustaining Well-being through HOPE (Health, Outdoor and Physical Education), I wasn’t initially sure what to think.  I do recall being intrigued by a couple of words: Well-being and Hope.  Perhaps it was because each of these terms seems rather ambiguous, even somewhat like an open door through which to explore.  And perhaps it is that on some conscious or some subconscious level I have realized that I am in persuit of health and well-being; of my own personal health and well-being (both mental and physical) as well as that of my our world and society; for our students and for my children.