A Project

This page has been set up to link together the parts of my Major Digital Project for E.C.&I. 832.  The first piece, this PDF file [Major Digital Project Proposal], is an outline of the project as proposed in February.  Some changes have been made since the proposal was written, and those changes will be described below.


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Van Gogh’s Arles in Second Life

Click any part of the overview (above) to enlarge.

Here is a letter of explanation along with a parent consent form: 2010_Second_Life_Parent_consent_form

Student Choice:

Students may choose to base their project on their experiences in the virtual world of Van Gogh’s Arles, or they may base their project on their experiences in the Primtings Virtual Art Gallery (or a combination of both).   The presentation below contains screenshots from the Primting Gallery.

An Opportunity

As I was designing this project, I was aware that an enhancement to the project would be to find ways to use the technology of Second Life to allow us to ‘break down our class-room walls’ so to speak; or to find ways to communicate or collaborate globally.

Last night while exploring the virtual town of Arles, I happened to chance upon the creator of this magical place, Mudpuddle Cleanslate (SL)

A chat with Mudpuddle Cleanslate, SL Arles creator.

Mudpuddle Cleanslate, is a digital artist who has been creating Van Gogh inspired digital art for nearly two decades.  His web-site, Van Gogh 3-D, outlines some of his previous projects that were obvious lead-ups to his Second Life masterpieces.  He has been working on the virtual world of Van Gogh’s Arles for about a year now, and says that he has one more painting to complete.  It is my hope that after my students have been immersed in his creation for some time, that we can meet with him and ask a few questions about his creations.

This chance encounter has encouraged me to invite other prominent SL creators to converse with my students.  The Primtings gallery (above) has contributions by several prominent virtual artists – notably, Dekka Raymaker, Kacy Despres, and Voodoo Shilton.   And who could forget about Robbie Dingo, the creator of the amazing replica of Van Gogh’s Starry Night in SL.  With any luck, I will manage to initiate some conversation between my students and these creators.


INITIAL FEEDBACK FROM STUDENTS: The Project – Initial Student Feedback

Leave a comment, and let me know what you think of this project.  I’m excited to see how it unfolds!


2 Responses

  1. Once I figured out how to work the presentation, it looks pretty good! I wish I had the opportunity in school to do something like that. I think it will make the learning experience more meaningful and will be enriched by the ability to interact with the paintings.
    Good job!

  2. Ryan . . . just checking in to view your blog . . . I trust you are still engaged with ‘sustaining’ . . . I enjoyed checking in on your blog.


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